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Who We Are


Welcome to the Altitude and Trails site! I’m excited to kick this off with a quick hello and introduction.

You might be wondering who we are right about now. We are a group of hunters that love what we do and want to share some of it here and on some of social media platforms. I guess you could say that we are basically another hunting blog, but we’d like to think that we’re putting our own spin on things!

A little background on myself and why I started this project. Altitude and Trails started off one day when I started designing t-shirts as a tribute to the mountain wildlife we have in the Alps of Northern Italy. I got those shirts printed for myself and some friends, then started getting requests from other hunters and outdoorsmen.

The interest other people had in my art was very motivating and soon I was designing wildlife and outdoors apparel regularly.

As i delved deeper into hunting, it exposed me to the different opinions and points of views concerning this topic and the divide which exists around it. It was around this time that we started making videos of our excursions, and I felt like this was a great medium to share our perspective with the world.

Right, so, this is probably a good time to talk a little bit about who “we” are.

In a nutshell, we are four friends that met in university. Years later, it turns out that all of us were somehow linked to the hunting world. Two of us work in wildlife management, and two of us are large animal vets. Of the latter, one also trains hunting dogs, and I, myself, am the resident photographer and videographer.

The blog acts as an outlet for us to combine our perspectives and express them. Maybe that might be interesting? We hope so! More posts to follow soon, thank you for reading and do visit back often!