When Dade isn't busy running his agricultural veterinarian practice, he's engrossed in training his kennel of English setters whose talents are indispensable once the annual ptarmigan and black grouse seasons open. A seemingly permanent fixture of the clay pigeon shooting range, Dade enjoys using his well trained skills in Lapland every year with his beloved dogs.



A big game ranger of the north-western piemontese mountains, Giors’ day-to-day responsibilities include keeping tabs on animal populations, mating patterns, and ensuring sustainable hunting through enforcing Italy’s rigorous tag and check system. A true mountain man; come the hunting season, he's likely to be hiding out in the one of the great northern alps in pursuit of the elusive chamois, muflon, red deer, or roe deer. A veteran of the Alpine Rescue Team and an integral part of its search and rescue operations over the years, once the snow hits, Giors will often be out and about patrolling parts of the mountains on skis.



The team’s youngest and most energetic member. Born and bred on the alps, Jawi is a big game ranger and guide who has been hunting since he was a pup. As a hunting license instructor and part of the Alpine Rescue Team which is most active in the worst winters, Jawi knows the mountains like his backyard and is very familiar with most of the local animal habitats both on and off the beaten track.



The resident photographer and videographer of Altitude and Trails, Fra lives in beautiful central France where he runs a veterinarian practice specializing in large animals. His interest in alpine animals evoked a masters thesis involving the autopsies of over 1000 wild goats and their causes of death. This in-depth study has given him a deep appreciation of the life cycle of prey and the necessities of responsible hunting. His hunts consist of a variety of deer, goat, and frequent vermin control while in Europe, although his newest love is the Himalayan tahr of New Zealand.